Tällbergsvägen 28,
79370 Sweden

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First Hotel Tällberg is located on a hillside overlooking the beautiful meadows surrounding Lake Siljan in the town of Tällberg in Sweden's popular touristic region of Dalarna. In Tällberg, visitors can experience the rolling downs as well as the region's crafts, culture and proud traditions. The hotel was founded in the 1950s and has since evolved into a full-service resort surrounded by a large beautiful garden. With its core values of care, attention and personal commitment, the hotel welcomes visitors to stays of high quality.

  • Accessible
  • Fitness Centre
  • Pool
  • Wifi


First Hotel Tällberg is located in the cultural heart of Dalarna. A local saying goes: "To visit Sweden and Dalarna without visiting Tällberg is like attending a wedding without seeing the bride."

Tällberg and the area around Lake Siljan offer a wide range of activities and attractions. Here you can visit the famous artist homes of Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson among others. Also nearby is the famous Dalhalla arena where international artists perform every summer. The concert arena is located in an old limestone quarry and is a great place to experience music.

For families with young children the lakeside area offers a range of leisure activities, including Leksand Sommarland (amusement park), Orsa Grönklitt Björnpark (bear safari park) and Tomteland (Christmas elf land) in Mora.

Unique location in the town of Tällberg in the Dalarna region known for its culture and traditions.