No.8 South Section of Shanhu Road,
614200 China

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Experience true Anantara luxury at an Asian inspired resort that offers impeccable service and heartfelt hospitality. At the foot of majestic Emei Mountain, Anantara Emei Resort is the first international hotel in this breathtaking corner of southwest China. Relax at the outdoor pool beside a beautiful lake and indulge in revitalising Anantara Spa journeys. Dine at the finest Chinese restaurant in Emei, where regional specialties include renowned Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine.

Beyond our oriental hideaway’s unique appeal, the resort is surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a gateway to stunning landscapes and historic attractions of rich cultural diversity. Explore one of China’s four sacred Buddhist Mountains, where pilgrims climb to visit the seventy-six Buddhist monasteries that grace its path to the peak.

The resort offers a range of world class facilities including a tennis court, meeting and event venues and a choice of glorious dining options of various world cuisines to create the ideal mountain and lakeside retreat. Surrounded by exotic nature and wildlife, natural hot springs and the region’s many exquisite temples, Anantara Emei Resort offers an inspiring stay for every guest.

  • Dining
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Wifi


Whether you wish to do it all or absolutely nothing at all, our wonderful leisure facilities, resort activities and fascinating area excursions invite you to be as active or relaxed as the mood takes you each day, whilst immersing yourself in our iconic destination.

Area Excursions
With glorious Emei Mountain on our doorstep, sacred sites and exotic flora and fauna are just moments away. Discover the world’s highest stone carved Buddha statue, ethereal mountaintop views and evocative legends. Hike and bike through picturesque mountain scenery, and delve into the local way of life.

Exploring Emei Mountain
Situated in the “heavenly state” of Sichuan, Emei is one of China’s four sacred Buddhist Mountains, and a mecca for pilgrims, nature lovers and cultural explorers. Discover an intriguing heritage dating back over 2,000 years. In addition to the impressive number of ornate temples, Emei Mountain is blessed with ancient towering trees, scenic waterfalls and streams, providing idyllic terrain for hiking and biking. Visitors can bathe in nearby hot springs and travellers who plan an autumn trip will be entranced by the glorious spectacle of red leaves from a series of excellent vantage points. Infusing a local culinary element, guests may visit an old farmhouse where tofu is traditionally made in ancient stone pots. Making the prospect of outdoor pursuits even more enticing, Emei Mountain is renowned for its pleasant temperatures and health promoting levels of oxygen in the air.
Guests who prefer a personalised experience to a group tour can book a private mountain excursion with our Anantara Guru.

Emei Mountain Temple Highlights
Numerous ornate temples begin at the base of the mountain with the largest of all - Baoguo – which was built during the Ming dynasty and covers an enormous 10 acres that are divided into a series of courtyards with changing scenery. Ascending the mountain, at 2,070 metres above sea level, the Elephant Watching Pool provides a hauntingly beautiful sight when moonlight reflects in the pool so that the water and sky become a perfect mirror image. Wannian Temple is renowned for its outstanding architectural features and a bronze statue of Samantabhadra. Cast in 980 in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), this impressive statue stands 7.85 metres high, weighs 62 tonnes and is one of China's most important cultural relics, while Fuhu Temple is one of the largest sacred sites and surrounded by the rare Nanmu trees.

Golden Summit at Emei Mountain
In 1996 the Golden Summit was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As one of the region’s most notable highlights, it rises 3,099 metres above sea level, giving visitors the feeling that they are standing on a pinnacle in the sky. Hike or take the cable car up to this lofty vantage point to stand in awe of snowy mountains to the west and a vast plain to the east, accompanied by the mesmerising natural wonders of sunrise, sunset and a sea of clouds. Emei Mountain’s Golden Summit also astounds visitors with its golden Buddha statue, which features four faces and stands 48 metres tall to represent the 48 wishes of Amitable Buddha.

Giant Buddha of Leshan
Covering 2.5 square kilometres, the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area is home to the largest stone carved Buddha statue in the world. Standing 71 metres high with its back against Jiuding Mountain, this impressive statue faces the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers, and is surrounded by more than 90 stone carvings and Buddhist shrines. The way in which the cultural features have been integrated with the natural scenery here is considered a precious legacy.

Haochi Street
Delve into China’s culinary temptations with a visit to this renowned dining hang out.
Located in downtown Emei, Haochi Street offers a delicious variety of traditional snacks and an authentic taste of local life.

Exiu Lake
Just two kilometres away from Anantara Emei, Exiu Lake spans 700 square metres and is a picturesque place for walking, jogging and fishing, as well as simply relaxing and enjoying the beautiful natural surrounds.

Resort Activities
Anantara Emei’s resort amenities provide a variety of ways to enjoy relaxing or invigorating leisure time. Find your natural flow with yoga and Tai Chi classes, or keep up your exercise routine at our fitness centre and tennis court. Let us keep your little ones happily entertained at our children’s club, leaving you free to indulge in a pampering spa journey. Take time out to browse our boutique or cosy up in the library with a good book.

Play mahjong in one of our four private rooms that are dedicated to this traditional Chinese game, which uses a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. Similar to the card game rummy, mahjong requires four players and is a balance of strategy and chance. Celebrate success afterwards with a tea ritual at the adjacent Yunding Tea House.

Scenically situated beside a charming lake and surrounded by tropical gardens, our swimming pool and Jacuzzi afford blissful relaxation, while younger guests can play in the separate children’s pool.

Yoga and Tai Chi Classes
Let our qualified instructors guide you through a routine of gentle stretches and strengthening poses to help you develop poise and holistic harmony. Lessons are tailored to the needs and abilities of both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Children’s Club and Games Room
Designed to be fun, educational and culturally enriching, our children’s club and games room keeps children aged 4 – 12 years happily entertained with an action packed programme of creative crafts, games and imaginative play.

Fitness Centre
Our resort’s gym is fully equipped with individual weight machines, free weights and cardio machines so that you can maintain a well rounded exercise regime throughout your stay.

Tennis Court
Challenge your traveling companion to a friendly match at our outdoor tennis court, located near the entrance of the hotel. Equipment is available for hire.

Settle into a relaxing morning or afternoon in the comfort of our library beside the lobby lounge. Choose from a collection of books, magazines and newspapers, nestle into cozy seating and enjoy a good read. WiFi is also available.

Browse an array of local gifts and handcrafts, or stop by to pick up convenient holiday items at our lobby level retail shop.