Authentic Local Experiences … Wherever You Travel



Welcome to DISCOVERY, a loyalty programme like no other.

DISCOVERY was founded on a simple principle. We believe that rewarding members with authentic, memorable experiences is much more valuable than collecting points.

With this in mind, DISCOVERY instead rewards travellers with "Local Experiences". Designed by our local experts, these innovative vacation rewards offer members access to a large selection of adventures not easily available to the general public.

As a DISCOVERY member, you are recognised and rewarded across our more than 500 hotels, 32 brands, and 76 countries, gaining access to a world few travellers get the opportunity to experience.

GHA takes you off the tourist trail and rewards your curiosity. Won’t you join us on the journey?



Join today. Reap the rewards tomorrow.

Local Experience Awards are earned according to your DISCOVERY Membership Level, the number of nights you stay in a GHA hotel per year and your inter-brand activity.

The only difficult part is deciding which adventure to choose!